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A working relationship is, as it were, a kind of chemical reaction. Two elements come together and bring out something in each other. You may notice it when you see a meeting with that one colleague in your diary. Does it make you happy or rather not? And what about your organization as a whole: do you bring out the best in each other?


Of course, there are different ways to bring out ’the best’ in each other. On a professional level, you can think of career opportunities in your job role, development opportunities in your daily work and the option to train yourself further through a seminar, course or study.


But what about on a personal level? Do you get enough space at work to invest in your personal development? Think, for example, of conversations with a manager or mentor in the organization, but also of the option to have a long weekend away once in a while or even to be a caregiver.

Know who you work with

True legends finds both the personal and the professional very important. That is why we work with a Quest. The Quest is a personal development plan that is shaped by personal and professional assignments. We want to know what we work with and who we work with and we do everything we can to really get acquainted. This way, our Legends achieve their goals, we stimulate them to share their talent and together we determine in which direction you will grow. We like to bring out the best in each other and that is only possible if you get the space to be the best version of yourself! What about you? Does your job bring out the best in you?



This blog is written by:

Marthe Walter

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