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You couldn’t ignore it the past few weeks: it has stormed a lot in the Netherlands. Everything that was loose and not properly tied down, was blown away with Dennis and Ciara. A storm is accompanied by damage, delays on the road and a lot of frustration. Followed by repair work and, in some cases, building a better foundation. Storms can also sometimes occur in organizations. Think of a new manager, a new direction for a team, department or the entire organization, or anxiety caused by changes in society that force movement. How do you deal with this? Read it in this blog!

A storm is, besides very annoying, a good test to check what is (not) properly tied down and what remained standing after some turbulence.

Hold on

The foundation of an organization is reflected in its core values. That which the organization is committed to and stands for. Core values tell you everything about how you treat each other and what you can hold each other accountable for in a good and less good sense. This is therefore a foundation that you can hold on to when it storms. These are the core values of True Legends:

  • We are positive
  • We are for real
  • We are pros
  • We get things done

Let go

So, a storm shows what is standing solid and brings what is blown over into question. A storm is a time to ask sharp questions: for example, is it time to say goodbye to something? That could be anything: a way of working, a computer program or even a colleague who wasn’t quite in the right place. Is it stormy at True Legends? Then we continue to do everything necessary to move forward and achieve the new goals. We do this by remaining friendly, creative and optimistic. We will always treat each other with respect and share the credits when we reach a milestone. We are masters in our profession and take our responsibility. We never lose, we win or we learn!


After the storm it is time to build again. Check what is still in the right place and what may need some extra reinforcement. Discover the new space that the storm has cleared and take a moment to think about what you want to build there. Are you going back to how it was or is it time for something new? Sometimes a storm is not so bad!


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