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Monthly menstruation. Synonym for monthly mayhem for a lot of women. Fatigue, extra irritability when things do not go your way. Some people experience such extreme symptoms that it is almost unbearable. Misery, for both you and your colleague. Your mood is bound to suffer when you are experiencing all of these symptoms. Definitely the moment to be aware that, despite the monthly torture, there are ways to perform, even when it’s that time of the month!

Physical preparation

A good start is half the battle, as the saying goes. And that’s completely on point. Whoever thinks that period prepping only concerns getting yourself enough pads is sorely mistaken. There are so many more things you can do! This is what I refer to as the physical preparation. Have a gander at these tips:

 Tip 1: Care for your bowels

Bowels love fibre. Fibre isn’t just found in brown bread, it also occurs in vegetables, fruit, and legumes. Are you on your period? Make sure you’re eating enough fibre!

 Tip 2: Cuppa cures the cramps

Camomile tea. It’s not just tasty, it also relaxes you, and helps with period cramps. Take a box of tea to the office, and let the cuppa cure your cramps!

 Tip 3: Quit caffeine

Things to avoid whilst on your period: sugar and caffeine. Two ingredients best to be avoided, as they can both exacerbate symptoms. Of course, one cup of coffee will not hurt, but try to limit your intake as much as possible.

 Tip 4: Iron intentions

Give iron some extra love. Women need more iron than men, and it helps soothe period cramps. Iron intake works best when a meal rich in iron is combined with vitamin C. A glass of orange juice, for example, to accompany a sandwich with marmite, or even better, some hummus.

Mental preparation

Last, but not least, the mental preparation. Ensure that your diary is nicely cleared out when your period is due. Don’t schedule too many meetings, get some admin work done. Going automatic pilot will make the day fly by. Treat yourself with a nice meal or a warm shower in the evening. Having someone to look forward at the end of the day will make time disappear!

Menstruation is more than hassle

Stuffing your face with pounds of chocolate because that seems to be the only way to combat your PMS. Your boobs are a tad bigger when you’re on your period, so all of a sudden your blouse fits perfectly, love it! It might be good to take the time to focus on yourself. It will increase your gumption and trust to make choices and get going. A lot of women who are on their period trust that they will ace their month. Look at being on your period from a different perspective: Your body just needs an MOT, so after the monthly bloodbath it is time for a fresh start! The perfect excuse to start each month with a new challenge. And before I forget, you also have the perfect excuse to skip the gym once… Or maybe twice. So if you’re not looking forward to shark week, not to worry! With the right prep, menstruation ain’t all that bad.


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