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Who will be your new co-worker? Does the selection take place based on the required future potential, or is there a panic to get a bum on the seat as quickly as possible? In a technological era where developments arrive in quick succession, it is quite common that a new co-worker must be recruited with all due haste. But haste usually makes waste…

A mis-hire can have dire consequences. Financially, but also in the work environment. A co-worker who is not at their desk, can have a negative impact on the rest of the team. This leads to demotivation, and, in the long run, even to an exodus and not just of the co-worker who is not sat at their desk!

Image versus identity

To create a realistic picture of your future employer, you will need to look beyond the (online) image. The real identity of an organisation and the people who work for it, can only be found on the work floor. It is there that you will see how people lunch together or whether they are on the computer with a smile or a frown, but above all, you will get a sense of the atmosphere at the office; in other words, the organisation’s real identity.

Your colleagues’ role

Think back to your last job interview. Chances are you took a look at your potential employer’s website before you went. You were looking forward to work there, despite not having met any of your new co-workers yet. That is odd, if you think about it. Your colleagues are, after all, the people with whom you will spend most of your time. Should they not play a bigger role in the selection of who will strengthen the team?

Hire together

We think they should! During the transition from start up to scale up we at True Legends learned the advantages of a slow hire. We take the time to really get to know potential colleagues before we welcome them as a True Legend. Candidates complete an assessment, do job interviews and spend a day with us to get to know the co-workers. People make the company. So, you determine with whom you will collaborate in the future and, above all, you do so together with your team.

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