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Imagine: your manager calls you to his office on a Friday afternoon. You are offered a great promotion! The proposal is already finished and you can take it home, look at it during the weekend and give your final decision on Monday. The boss would like you to start in your new position next week. When you get home, your partner will also have good news: you have won a trip in the lottery! However, you can only choose one option… What would you do?

Core values as a compass

Anyone who thinks everyone is going for the free trip is wrong! The decision has everything to do with your core values. Your core values are, as it were, a personal compass. They ensure that something feels right or wrong and they serve as a foundation to build decisions. Is adventure one of your core values? Then chances are you don’t have to think about it for a second and pack your suitcase for your trip around the world. However, is ambition of paramount importance to you? Then it goes without saying that you give your travel package to someone else and say yes to the promotion.

Know your core values

What is strange to one person is quite normal to the other. Doesn’t it happen often that one colleague leaps up with enthusiasm during the presentation of the new targets and the other slumps a little more in his chair? Reactions like this have everything to do with someone’s values. Do the plans match well with the core values? Then it generates energy, flow and enthusiasm. If they don’t match? Then the opposite happens. And if you know your core values then you understand exactly why one makes you shout out whereas the other makes you pout.

Creating with core values

At True Legends we invest in core values. We don’t just want to know in which direction our Legends want to grow, we want to know what drives them and why. That way we know exactly what makes our people shout or pout, and we always discuss together what it takes to get someone to move.


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